Access GBIF data with Julia

This package offers access to biodiversity data stored by the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF). The package currently offers a wrapper around the search API (to retrieve information on occurrences), and a limited wrapper around the species API (to retrieve the identifier of taxa).

The focus on the package is on retrieving data; filtering and data analysis should be done using other packages from the Julia ecosystem. In particular, we provide support for DataFrames and Query (and therefore the rest of the "queryverse").

Getting started

The latest release of the package can be installed from the Julia console:


After installing it, load the package as usual:

using GBIF

Core features

  • get taxonomic information using the taxon function
  • retrieve a single occurrence as a GBIFRecord using occurrence
  • search for multiple occurrences as a GBIFRecords according to a query using the occurrences function, and page through the results with occurrences!
  • GBIFRecords are fully iterable